Advanced Data & Analytics

We help our clients better understand what their raw data means to the future of their business.  We identify the highest-value opportunities, source the most relevant internal and external data, apply best practices analytics and modeling, and drive adoption throughout organization.  We use your selected technology platform or support you select a platform that meets your business needs. Our solutions benefit our clients by:

  • Identify insights that would otherwise have been missed
  • Analyze data with greater speed
  • Provide more sophisticated insight
  • Offer cost savings due to improved efficiency

Our services cover your end-end data needs.  Sample of the platforms we support are:

  • Flat Files: S3, Json, HDFS, CSV, TCV, XML
  • Streaming Data: KINESIS, Twitter, Spark
  • Relational Database: SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL
  • Big Data: Cloudera, Hadoop, Solr, Spark, databricks

We use your preferred platform to offer you the following services:

Reporting & Visualization

A business can manage what it can measure. The most successful organizations invest in reporting their business progress by creating standardized reporting around their key performance indicators (KPIs).  We help our clients:

  • Create, deploy, and share business metrics
  • Combine numerical analysis with charting, graphing, and advanced visualization
  • Roll out personalized dashboards for every role within the enterprise

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses your business data to predict what happens in the future and will help you make optimal, data-driven decisions to improve your business performance. We work with our clients to support end-end predictive analytics projects:

  • Use massive volumes of the richest and most granular available business data
  • Integrate disparate internal and 3rd party data feeds such as social media, demographics, weather, and industry-specific forecast data for more effective predictive modeling
  • Use third party library of powerful analytical functions to rapidly build and test multiple models
  • Determine what-if scenarios to visualize possible future performance scenarios and outcomes
  • Conduct optimization analysis that recommends the best business decision today that will maximize your business performance indicators

Whether you seek business process and reporting improvement through incremental change or seek data management transformation to dramatically increase your efficiency and visibility to your organization, our success with data management will provide you with a competitive edge.  We have experience with diverse customer environments, advanced information technology, multiple data sources and platforms, and enterprise applications. These are key ingredients in achieving best practices and successful outcomes.

Advanced Data & Analytics