IT Portfolio and Investment Management

BluJuniper is a global leader in IT Portfolio and Investment Management consulting services. We help our clients transform IT from an expensive cost center, up to 15% of total opex and devex, into a strategic asset that drives cost control, efficiency, and future opportunities. BluJuniper’s proprietary approach to IT Investment Management as a strategy can elevate your organization’s IT investment and portfolio visibility to new heights. 

We view IT as a portfolio, and we focus on how each technology investment contributes to business success, whether it is an application, a service, or actual infrastructure. Our IT portfolio management services include: 

  • IT Governance Plan
  • IT Portfolio Health Assessment
  • Major Systems Gap and Health Assessment
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization
  • Infrastructure as a Service and Infrastructure as Code Strategy
  • Custom & Legacy Systems Migration Strategy


By leveraging IT as a Portfolio strategy, we ensure technology alignment to business and maximum business value from IT investments. We partner with our clients to develop, implement, and maintain a set of governance solutions based on the client’s business goals, objectives, and priorities. Once institutionalized, the new processes will help our clients achieve operational excellence and optimal return on their IT investment.

Our IT portfolio management services allows you to effectively manage IT resources, maximize value, reduce risks, and ensure alignment with business objectives. It’s a strategic approach that requires a blend of business acumen, technical knowledge, and strong governance.

Whether you seek corporate IT governance improvement through incremental change or need to overhaul your organization’s governance processes, our successful governance solution set gives your business a competitive edge. 

IT Portfolio and Investment Management