Technology & Data

BluJuniper’s cutting-edge Agile IT Technology & Data Services designed to empower your business with flexibility, efficiency, and rapid innovation. Our ability to adapt quickly and deliver value at a swift pace is paramount. We facilitate complete Agile transformations. From strategy and planning to implementation and continuous improvement, our services cover the entire spectrum of Agile adoption.  Key components of our Technology and Data services are:

Data Analytics & Management –  Help businesses make sense of their data. This could include predictive analytics, data visualization, business intelligence, and machine learning. 

Software Development – Create tailored solutions by COTS configuration and/or developing software solutions using agile methodology and DevSecOps.  Our team comprises seasoned Agile practitioners well-versed in methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. We seamlessly integrate Agile principles into your IT processes, fostering collaboration, adaptability, and iterative development.

Digital Transformation:  Utilize our business process modernization approach coupled with our technology services transform manual processes into digital and automated workflows.

ERP – Lead ERP assessment, configuration, and integration using our experience in financial services and leading ERP applications. 

Cloud Services – Create Cloud architecture design, migration strategy, migration, security, and services. 

Knowledge Management – Capture, organize, and share organizational knowledge using technology leading platforms such as SharePoint. 


Our Technology and Data Services play crucial roles in helping organizations leverage data, secure software development, adopt cloud technologies, and maximize the value of their knowledge assets. We enable businesses to stay competitive, make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation in today’s digital landscape.

Technology & Data