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Technology Solutions

We help organizations discover and deliver their full technology potential.  We combine strategic thinking and technology expertise to deliver accelerated outcomes.  We help clients prioritize automation opportunity, streamline their business processes, and implement automated processes.  We orchestrate delivery to ensure that technology investment translates into tangible business outcomes.

Business Process Management

Organizations need to optimize processes to maximize their mission effectiveness.  In the private sector, responding to global competition has increased the need to streamline business delivery and has put more value in the value chain and lower cost now more than ever.

Whether you seek business process improvement through incremental change or seek business process transformation to dramatically increase your efficiency, our success with business process solution will provide you with a competitive edge.  We have experience with diverse customer environments, advanced information technology, enterprise applications, and application integration.  These are key ingredients in achieving best practices and successful outcomes.

Our solution sets will assess your current process, evaluate technology alternatives, and implement business solutions based on current enterprise applications.  Our solution sets will benefit you by giving you the ability to

  • Monitor resources our outcomes
  • Enforce standards and achieve best practice support
  • Shorten cycle times and time to completion
  • Reduce operating costs and administrative delay

IT Solutions:

BluJuniper is a premier provider and integrator of complex, advanced, and rapidly adapting information technology, cybersecurity, and mobility services and solutions.

We can help you with all your technology needs from technology strategic plan to implementation of your business applications.  Our services include:

  • Technology and tool selection
  • Software development Lifecycle
    • Agile and SCRUM methodologies
    • CMMI III compliant
  • Business Process Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Security Services

We build capabilities across the organization and support our clients throughout their entire software development lifecycle as well as IT maintenance.  Our comprehensive solutions can scale as large as you require. We will deliver your IT needs with your preferred platform or programming language.

Technology & Digital