STAR*PMO Framework

BluJuniper has developed a unique approach to project/program management.  Throughout decades of running enterprise wide business process transformation and modernization projects, we have found the need for a well balanced approach to offering program management services to the organizations in order to avoid becoming a bottleneck.  

STAR*PMO –Strategic and Tactical Approach with a Roadmap to accelerate organizational transformation to an effective Portfolio Management Office was inspired by decades of our management team’s experience in conjunction with our expertise in leading industry best practices as well as our 

STAR*PMO is an Agile program management framework can be applied to variety of modernization and technology platforms. It is a highly effective and flexible approach to overseeing and delivering complex projects or programs. It is rooted in the principles and practices of Agile methodologies, which prioritize iterative development, continuous improvement, collaboration, and adaptability.

Our STAR*PMO methodology is a lean & best practices approach to program management which delivers the following benefits:  

  • Focuses on Customer and stakeholder feedback – Throughout the development process, regular interactions with stakeholders help validate assumptions, gather insights, and adjust the project’s direction accordingly. This iterative feedback loop enables teams to make more informed decisions, respond to changing requirements, and ultimately deliver a product that better aligns with user needs.
  • Reduce project risk – Pre-implementation activities and periodic monitoring of results establish the foundation for delivering business value by addressing issues early in the life cycle that may otherwise undermine project’s success.  .
  • Proactively identifies issues and addresses obstacles – Potential obstacles are identified and addressed early in the life cycle through periodic monitoring, status reporting, and cross organizational involvement
  • Provides for continuous improvement – Throughout the life cycle, the team will look for opportunities to identify and benefit from lessons learned and apply industry best practices as we continuously identify opportunities for process improvement towards client satisfaction.
  • Fosters transparency and trust –  Our STAR*PMO agile teams are self-organizing and cross-functional, with members possessing diverse skill sets. This promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective accountability, as team members take ownership of their work and collectively make decisions to achieve project goals.

In summary, our STAR*PMO agile program management is a sophisticated approach that enables organizations to adapt to rapidly changing environments, deliver value incrementally, and foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. By breaking down complex projects into manageable iterations and promoting stakeholder engagement, agile program management offers a framework that maximizes flexibility, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

STAR*PMO Framework